It's all double Dutch to you?

Let's help you out!

Although at we cannot help you out in English completely, let us provide you with some general English information about our products and services. We will also direct you to the Dutch language pages providing more specific information. Hopefully this way - perhaps with a little help from a Dutch-speaking friend or neighbour - you can find your way.

Our products

The all-in-one solution
If you want digital TV, broadband internet and home phone in an 'all in one' package at an affordable price, probably your best deal is Alles-in-1 Complete. If you prefer a more basic package, try Start and for those who want high speed internet and extra TV channels, we have Max.

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Customer service

Online help and support
Do you need assistance installing or using our products? Our website is filled with articles and troubleshooting guides for all your queries.

Check service status
See if there are any reported issues or outages in your area with our online tool, 'Storingschecker', and immediately diagnose and resolve any problems.

Mijn Ziggo
Manage your own account information in your personal online environment at 'Mijn Ziggo'.

Still looks like jibberish to you? Just call, tweet or Facebook us

The chances are, our representatives are able to help you out in English. However, at this point in time we are unable to guarantee this. What we can promise you though, is that we will do our very best to help you out!

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While switching to English is no problem for most of our employees, support in English is always based on Best Effort.


Looking for some personal advice in choosing the right subscription or need assistance placing your order?

Call us at: 0900-0730 (standard fee)

Customer care

Do you have any other questions about our products and want to speak with a live person?

Call us at: 1200 (Free when using your Ziggo landline)
Or at: 0900-1884 (standard fee)


Are you calling from abroad?

Call us at: +31 881 212 817 (standard fee)

Opening hours

Daily (incl. holidays) 8am - 10pm



Our Webcare team is there to answer your questions and solve any problems quickly. It's what they do - and they're quite passionate about it. So follow us to stay informed about the latest Ziggo (service)news.

Contact our Webcare team via @ZiggoWebcare or via Facebook.


Opening hours

Daily (incl. holidays) 8am - 10pm

We value and respect your privacy. Please make sure you only share your personal data with us through private messages. This way we can prevent abuse. 


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Ziggo Community

Ziggo Community


The Ziggo Community is the place to find the answer to almost all of your questions. Find the answer in the fora and topics or ask the other customers for help.

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